From the Director Desk

In this area of competition,each and every student is preparing, but who get success? It is the one who is dedicated, having a neat strategy and right attitude, ASCENT Group is here to motivate the spirit of students and guide them to achieve their success.

When We excogitate yesteryear, we get to know that it was very comfortable for the students to choose their career options but now a days the scenario is profusely different. Mere desire to do anything does not work in today's cut-throat competition.

One should be aware of the latest examination pattern, and should have to put efforts in the appropriate direction to achieve his/her way to success. Therefore, ASCENT has taken the responsibility of bringing the best and the most qualified educators under one roof and creating knowledge pool for excellence.

At ASCENT students are considered as the sparks of divinity, and teaching is considered as dedicated service towards divinity of our students. Therefore, this extraordinary combination of spiritual values and modern technology forms ASCENT. We ensure that our endeavor at ASCENT is to prepare analytical mind, right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence among students.

Our Mission And Vision


To provide best education & contributioning to the intellectual & Emontional grouth of Student. We Am to provide a platform where goals are achived & values are build


To impart qualituy education and nourish a learinig environment while sensitizing student towords the needs of the society.

Why Choose Us